Realm of the Malach tells the story of the emergence and evolution of the Otherkin, a new race borne out of forbidden human-malach pairings, and the chaos that ensues when they seek to descend from the heavens and claim the Earthenworld for their own.


Hunted down by preternatural forces, Aurora is drawn into the realm of angels – the Overworld of the malachim – where she learns the harsh truth about the Covenant that binds them to humankind and the rebellion that seeks freedom from this divine bondage. Even more alarming is the discovery of  Aurora’s true origin that has placed her young daughter in the perilous crosshairs of the rebellion led by the one who calls himself the Redeemer. With the fate of the malachim and the future of humankind resting on her shoulders, Aurora and the mercenary, Kailash, must race against time to uncover the secret her daughter holds before they are ensnared in the Redeemer’s plot and the holy revolt comes to fruition. Meanwhile, Aurora’s own existence hangs precariously in the balance as the beast that lay dormant within her awakens to life.

Realm of the Malach is an amalgamation of science fiction and fantasy, drawing upon the author’s practiced background in the biological sciences and the escapism being bound to evidence-based reality and logic provokes. It is the first completed book in what is being designed as The Otherkin Series.

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